Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Night life sucks...

Everything goes down hill after midnight:
0030 : Rosalee wakes up
0130: Kaylee pukes in her bed
0230: Kaylee pukes in our bed
0330: Rosalee wakes up
0400-0410 : Randy's alarm goes off 3 times
0430: Kaylee 'needs' everything, (a drink, the covers on, the covers off, a drink)
0530: Kaylee again 'needs' everything... and tells me my arm looks like a bunny. haha
0615: Rosalee is up for the day.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Maghen and the talking jeeps!!

I love my Maghen :) She makes me laugh constantly! During her and Tony's visit in January we were on post running a few errands. (for this story you need to know that I drive a jeep). By the time we made it to the commissary it was already dark so the head lights were on. I pulled into a spot across from another jeep and simultaneously the other jeeps headlights flashed and the horn honked twice. Maghen says (with more excitement than a kid on Christmas morning), "Holy shit Steph, did that jeep just talk to yours!!??"   Oh man, this was so funny! As I'm cracking up at her we see the jeep owner walking away with the keys still in hand (she had pressed the lock button)
We sat in the car laughing hysterically at the idea of our jeeps talking to each other... "beep beep = hi!!!!" hahahaha I laughed so hard i had tears streaming down my face! talking jeeps :) love it Maghen! Beep Beep!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

since Randy's been gone...

We have kept pretty busy since Randy left in October. Thankfully that has really helped to pass the time a little faster!
  • we attended 4 birthday parties (5 if you count a old person one, haha)
  • participated in trunk-or-treat
  • trick-or-treated on Halloween
  • decorated for Halloween
  • undecorated for Halloween
  • rearranged the 'dining area'
  • attended at least 2 soccer games (could be more but I cant remember when it ended)
  • went to a soccer pizza party
  • had a great ladies game night!
  • decorated for Christmas
  • Pulled off my first ever (and fairly successful) FRG event for Thanksgiving
  • Stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving
  • attempted (not all were successful!) at least 5 crafts with the girls
  • and of course done loads and loads of misc stuff constantly.

Some how my to do list is still untackled

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun things happening!!

So excited for the upcoming weeks and thing that are going on!
This week I'm getting some much needed photo lessons from a friend, yay!
On friday the post is having it's tree lighting with a small festival sort of thing. The girls and I are especially excited about the free horse and carriage ride that night! And of course Santa will be there as well!
Saturday, Kaitlyn has reindeer games with her girl scouts. Then next week Randy will be home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is that exciting all in itself but that means we get to go and let the girls pick out a Christmas tree! I simply cannot wait to see what silly looking tree they pick (they are not quite the same as America's!)
Then, the following week I start my college classes again! only 5 classes to go! I'll be starting with the psychology of health and algebra 2 (hahaha).
And then on the 17th we are all going to participate in Corri Babbo Natale Corri, or "Run Santa Run" in downtown Vicenza.
Fun times! ooooooh, I almost forgot it's our turn to bring a 'creative' snack for girl scouts next week... this is what Kaitlyn picked out...

This is how ours turned out (a lot of fun to make and the kids loved eating them!)

Just use food coloring in cream cheese, spread on your rice cakes and add your fish! so easy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

go me!

I havn't been able to do as much working out as I would have liked to while Randy has been gone, but, I have made progress! Anytime I forget that I like to take a look at this website (that I love and have been using for almost 2 yrs now!) It's awesome because even if you are a slooooooow loser like me, as long as you input your numbers you will see you are still going down! (the chart always makes me happy)
and of course I love looking back through pictures of me because that really makes me smile!

This was in August....

This was a few days ago! Obviously from the picture its clear I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

more funnies...

Kaitlyn to a group of kiddos out back: "who in this group knows how to ride a two-wheeler?"  One of the kids: " well I can ride a three wheeler." Kaitlyn: "big deal! thats just a tricycle!"

Kaylee "I don't like soccer much, but I like my coach much."

me, "kaylee, go back out and ride your scooter." Kaylee " no, my scooters making me tired."

Kaylee "my teacher today said 'criss cross applesauce' "  randy, "show me how you do criss cross applesauce". Kaylee sits and crosses her legs (not indian style). I proceed to sit indian style to see if thats what she meant to do. Kaylee "thats it! but I just cant figure it out!" she throws her hands up in the air.

Kaylee: "so you want to look like that girl?" (pointing to girl in exercise video) me:"sure do, thats why we're doing this." Kaylee: "so then your belly wont move all around ?"

conversation between kaitlyn and kaylee... "I will be the mom, moms are the skinny ones." "and I will be the dad, the bigger one".... (kaylee was the dad)   :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rosalee is 6 months now...

Time is really flying by. Rosalee is 6 months old now and is doing great. She holds her own bottle (when she feels like it!), she babbles like crazy, rolls on her side, sucks her thumb, lights up when someone smiles at her, loves her sister, babbles like crazy, and sleeps through the night... well she did, and is just all around a happy, awesome, beautiful little girl :) Here is a cute progression of pictures of pretty little Rosalee...